Case Studies

Human Synergistics recruited senior business executives to participate in the experiment to test Extrem³e Thinking.

As part of the test leaders were wired up to an EEG machine to establish baseline brainwave patterns as they performed a creative, problem-solving task. The same leaders then practised the four-stage Extrem³e Thinking process for 28 days before returning to the lab to try out new challenges.

Results showed that performance on creative problem solving tasks had dramatically improved among 80% of leaders. Testing also showed:

  • 33% improved cognitive functioning (clearer, improved thinking)
  • a 63% increase in generating plausible multiple solutions to a problem, providing teams with more choices for complex business challenges
  • a 26% increase in problem solving accuracy = improved efficiency
  • a 25% reduction in failed attempts to problem solving = reduction in time wasted

Leaders participating in the study reported:

  • A shift in how they dealt with problems and challenges which they believed led to better team leadership
  • Feeling increased levels of calm in the face of daily pressure, and as a result reported feeling more responsive to challenges
  • Enjoying the practices and how easy they were to incorporate into their daily routines

Hear from participants in the study