About Extrem³e Thinking

The Extrem³e Thinking technique was inspired by research conducted by Dr Trisha Stratford at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Dr Stratford’s analysis showed how different brain waves matched different levels of mind. She discovered the existence of the SuperMind. Trained in psychotherapy and neuroscience, Trisha’s ground breaking PHD research Neuroanalysis of the Therapeutic Alliance in the symptomatically anxious: the physiological connection revealed between therapist and client has been published in American Journal of Psychotherapy, 6,1 2012.

Corinne Canter is Program Director at Human Synergistics and the creator and founder of Extrem³e Thinking. When Corinne met Dr Stratford and heard about the SuperMind she realised that accessing it could provide a ground-breaking way to help business leaders improve the quality of their thinking.

Corinne has over 25 years’ global experience in leading change and business performance programs, In addition to her Masters of Commerce, Corinne has qualifications in Psychosynthesis counselling and also studied Neuroscience at post graduate level.

Human Synergistics is a leading global organisation with a 40 year track record specialising in the improvement of leadership and organisational culture in government and business. Its reputation is built on bespoke and globally recognised tools which measure the impact of thought and behaviour on leadership and culture.

The scientifically proven technique of Extrem³e Thinking is an extension of Human Synergistics’ ongoing research and capabilities and will further its legacy of improving mind-body connections, group problem-solving and internal thought-process reflection.

The Researchers:

Corinne Canter

Corinne Canter

Programme Director

Since working at Human Synergistics (HS), Corinne has worked in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and India with clients from a range of industries and sectors.  With over twenty five years of real world business experience, her pragmatic insights, intellectual curiosity and creativity  have produced innovative solutions for her clients which have led to wide spread recognition of her expertise in the field of leadership development, organisational effectiveness and culture. She co-authored ‘In Great Company’, HS’s first book, providing insight into how to leverage culture to improve business performance.

Dr. Trisha Stratford

Dr. Trisha Stratford

Consulting Neuroscientist 

Trisha’s Ph.D. research is ground breaking, not just because it proves that we do have a sixth sense, but it also shows us what happens in our brain at the point of insight. In addition to presenting her work at the Sorbonne, her research has been published in the American Journal of Psychotherapy and distributed in 22 countries.


About Human Synergistics

Human Synergistics is a consulting firm that helps transform organisations through culture change and leadership development.

In 2012 research conducted by Human Synergistics proved the majority of business leaders in Australia were restricting their potential by practicing conventional thinking and, as a result, were not rating highly as business ‘visionaries’ capable of effectively responding to the challenges of the disruptive digital age.

Following this research Human Synergistics investigated whether business leaders could improve performance by accessing a higher state of mind – the ‘SuperMind’, an elevated perspective which unlocks greater creative insight, rapid problem-solving and improved mental flexibility.

Human Synergistics then developed a technique for accessing the SuperMind, a technique they have called Extrem³e Thinking. Research conducted in 2014 with the participation of Australian business leaders, has proven Extrem³e Thinking works.

Extrem³e Thinking helps leaders to remain calm under pressure, solve complex problems and find new ideas with less effort, enabling them to apply their best thinking and problem solving at work.