•  What is Extrem³e Thinking?

    In this age of ‘infobesity’ teach your brain how to optimise its creative problem solving potential. Extrem³e Thinking is a simple and tangible way for business leaders to access whole brain thinking to solve complex problems.

  • The Science of Extrem³e Thinking

    Science has proven our traditional tools of analytical thinking and linear problem solving are not enough in the digital era. Scientific research has proven Extrem³e Thinking dramatically improves creative thinking and insight-based problem solving, lowering stress levels in the process.

  • The Human Synergistics Legacy

    For over 25 years Human Synergistics has been helping to change the world one organisation at a time. Extrem³e Thinking is another step in Human Synergistics’ ongoing research into how people strength can help unlock optimal business performance.

  • Unlocking the SuperMind

    A profound shift in thinking is emerging. Extrem³e Thinking can move you from the frustrating ‘Try Harder Cycle’ towards inspired, problem-solving ideas.

  • Hear from Participants in the Study

    Check out the different ways our business leaders have benefited from Extreme Thinking, from getting more out of their minds, to working better with information overload and staying on top of the big picture in their business.

What is Extreme Thinking?

Ever wondered why you do your best thinking while out for a run, or early in the morning?

Our researchers

Corinne Canter
Programme Director
Dr Trisha Stratford
Consulting Neuroscientist

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Media Room

Understanding the inner workings of the executive brain is a hot topic in mainstream media. Read articles about the impact of leaders’ brains from the likes of the Forbes and Fast Company.

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To find out more or to participate in the project please contact Corinne Canter.

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About Human Synergistics Australia

Human Synergistics is a consulting firm that helps transform organisations through culture change and leadership development.

In 2012 research conducted by Human Synergistics proved the majority of business leaders in Australia were restricting their potential by practicing conventional thinking and, as a result, were not rating highly as business ‘visionaries’ capable of effectively responding to the challenges of the disruptive digital age.

Following this research Human Synergistics investigated whether business leaders could improve performance by accessing a higher state of mind – the ‘SuperMind’, an elevated perspective which unlocks greater creative insight, rapid problem-solving and improved mental flexibility.

Human Synergistics then developed a technique for accessing the SuperMind, a technique they have called Extrem³e Thinking. Research conducted in 2014 with the participation of Australian business leaders, has proven Extrem³e Thinking works.

Extrem³e Thinking helps leaders to remain calm under pressure, solve complex problems and find new ideas with less effort, enabling them to apply their best thinking and problem solving at work.

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